J.D. Miner is a Canadian acoustic duo consisting of song writer Darryl Klassen, and Chad Joiner. Both are multi instrumentalists. Their music is an eclectic collection of original tunes in the tradition of J.J. Cale and Doc Watson, some relatively obscure covers, and a mix of Old Time banjo and fiddle tunes.

J.D. Miner began as a duo of Darryl Klassen and Joel Klingler (now moved away, but he's all over our first cd). Joel was hard to replace, but eventually Darryl and Chad struck up a friendship while playing together in the musical theater production  "the Cotton Patch Gospel".  At different times collaborations with other local musicians occur through design or simply cosmic synchronicity; Johan Worst, Jake Letkeman, Mike Sanyshyn, Ron Briggs, Colin Rankin, Mark Bender and others. 

Above is a photo of our 3 cds, and below a few sample tunes.  For samples of all of our songs or purchase of cds please either contact us or visit CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon...pretty much anywhere. 

We'd still be playing in the woodshed if you were not listening, but it's a lot more fun when you do, so thanks for your support. 
Contact : Darryl Klassen  mudpuddlemusic@yahoo.ca