J.D. Miner is a Canadian acoustic duo consisting of song writer and multi instrumentalist Darryl Klassen, and mega-multi instrumentalist Chad Joiner. Their music is an eclectic collection of original jazzy tunes, ballads about real, (and unreal) people, and a liberal dose of Old Time banjo and fiddle tunes.


Chad Joiner, fiddle, mandolin, clarinet, trumpet and guitar. What doesn't he do? He's studied, taught and played music in so many places and with so many groups that we don't have enough 'mega-overbites' on our website to list them all. For his day job Chad teaches music and directs marching bands that win awards all over North America! Don't sit too close to the front during concerts, because every once in a while he breaks into the goose step when we're playing.

Darryl Klassen can't remember when he wrote his first song, but over the years many of them found their way into the local land fill, and more recently the blue box. Gradually however some became keepers and replaced tunes by Hoyt Axton and J.J. Cale in his songbook. While Darryl began with the guitar at an early age, it wasn't until much later in life discovered the 5 string banjo. Singing has always come naturally to Darryl, and his songs often include themes of rivers, boats and situations satirical and philosophical.

Joel Klingler, honourary lifetime member. Joel also studied music at Capilano College, and has taken lessons from the renowned John Reichman. He is an incredibly talented song writer, guitarist, and mandolinist. Joel however has taken this 'Miner' theme just way too seriously. He's moved up to Wells, just down the road from Barkerville, perhaps the most famous of all B.C. gold rush towns. He can now often be seen, if you can find him, with his daughter June traipsing through the back country looking for gold. We continue to do some of his songs, and you never know when he may just drop in for a set.


Jake Letkeman is a student of Chads and the most recent addition to the band collective. We're certain that over the years, he's in grade 9 right now, his musical bio is going to pile up. In the meantime we're just glad to have him contribute to some of the J.D. Miner jug band groove.

Joe Worst's approach to the double and fretless basses contributes a unique colour to the J.D. Miner sound. He is a sought after creative musician in local and regional big bands, jazz, country and R&B groups. Joe studied at the Banff Center for the Arts, Capilano College and elsewhere. Joe is a regular in the Fraser Valley Symphony and Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestras (don't tell any of his highbrow friends that he's out Hillbillin' with a banjo and fiddle player on the week-ends), and when he's not on stage can frequently be spotted in his kayak around various islands off the coast of British Columbia.

Ron Briggs is the featured guest artist on the "Coal Train" CD. He is an award winning drummer well known across Canada for his work with numerous artists in various genres. He's also toured all over the world, but more recently devotes his time to local groups, teaching and studio work. Ron gets the sweetest brush groove that you can imagine going, and, for a drummer, he's a heck of a nice guy. He may also soon be playing some guitar with us on the Old Timey stuff.

Mike Sanyshyn, the fiddle monster, fills in when Chad's out of town. Mike is often on the road or gigin' with some of Canada's finest country and Celtic artists, or they've got him sequestered away in a studio somewhere. Mike has won the B.C. Old Time Fiddle Championship, and the B.C. Country Music Association's fiddler of the year so often he had to buy a bigger house to keep all of his trophies. He's also released two critically acclaimed solo fiddle albums of his own.

Mark Bender, is another one of them bass players that do it all. Classical, Jazz, Rock, and even J.D. Miner. We haven't seen much of Mark and his Harley Davidson ( he's the only guy we know who lets friends borrow  it) since he joined the yuppies in Kitsilano, but his bio reports that he recently "participated in the Bob Liley Quintet's C.B.C. 'Hot Air' performance". We're not sure how he contributed to this "hot air" performance with a string bass, and we're as bit afraid to ask.


Jef Gibbons is our studio guy.  He knows his equipment, which is no small feat, but even more importantly Jef is a composer, musician and an artist. He understands our kind of music, and adds a creative element of his own during mixing and mastering. Jef has also filmed and produced some very nice video productions. www.jefgibbons.com