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"Great work!  I love this version [ Tyson's Dream ]...well played, great tone, perfect tempo...somewhat old-timey, the melody really shines! Thanks for covering and posting it."


 The Voice Magazine ,Volume 19 Issue 40 2011-10-21

Coal Train is J.D. Miner’s second album. It’s a lovely, poignant, and informed tribute to coal and steam-powered trains, an era to which many in our stressed and oil-weary economy often cast a longing eye. When I mentioned the latest “steampunk” craze to Klassen he admitted he’d never heard of it, which makes the timeliness of this album all the more remarkable. Those who unknowingly have their finger on the pulse of change are more likely to be harbingers, not followers. 
     Among the things that make J.D. Miner music so attractive in the first place are the rustic homespun simplicity of their aesthetic, the socially conscious mindset behind it, and the ability to see both sides of the coin. One thing that has always impressed me about Miner music is the fullness of sound and the melodic richness achieved with such spare instrumentation—a singular mission for the arranger, to be sure. Wanda Waterman

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"I first met Darryl Klassen about 20 years ago when his bluegrass band played at an event in Mission. I lost track of him over the years, until 2009, when I heard his latest ensemble named JD Miner. I was instantly drawn to the band’s music as something fresh and different, yet old-fashioned and solid." Lando Klassen ( no relation ) 

The Light Magazine Oct. 2011