“Ain't No Ordinary Hillbilly "

At last, a folk trio from the present decade to add to my folk trio album collection (a musty flea-market horde burgeoning with Peter, Paul, and Mary, The Kingston Trio, The Courriers, The Travellers, and even the apish Limeliters). Yes, those trios could really wail and make those old banjos ring, but not a one of 'em had the musical prowess and writing ability of J.D. Miner… 

Part One -published on January 11, 2008.
Part Two - published on January 18, 2008.

Each of these three pieces appear in The Mindful Bard column of The Voice Magazine and are written by Wanda Waterman St. Louis.

Wanda Waterman St. Louis, Voice Magazine
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Hello Darryl,
After a long trip I returned home to find the CD waiting. What a wonderful surprise! You folks have a great sense of what good music is all about and you know how to play!! This is one of those rare gems - full of surprises with great arrangements, great tone and very professional engineering. Well done indeed! I will enjoy this CD for a long time to come. Many thanks!
Tony Ellis, banjo virtuoso, recording artist, performer, Ohio USA

I have listened to the CD several times and love the feel. It's in my car as we speak. I can't believe you did that live! The album is great with a very cool easy feel you guys pull off every time you play. Dumpster Blues - a classic.
Bruce Kilby, former chair of the British Columbia Song Writers Showcase Association


I think the disc is wicked, real good for the long drives to the woods everyday, great tunes...let me know when you roll back into town for a show.
Dan Nadir, Forester, Vancouver BC

We were just visiting our children and grandchildren on the Sunshine Coast : on a hike with the kids, 5 yr old Gus is singing "The Atavistic Nature..." - just wanted you to know you're having a deep and lasting influence on our Grandchildren! The kids know now what "hillybillies" (as they call them) are.
Elsie, Grandmother and Musician, Chilliwack BC

Friday night was heaven. You guys were simply wonderful. Great musicianship. Original material. I loved it all. I just played a round of pool with my son downstairs – equal time on the CD player between DC Talk and JD Miner. Loved the tune Mystery.
Gerald Newman, Langley BC